About Barnaul

Barnaul (Russian: Барнау́л, IPA: [bərnɐˈul]) is one of Siberia’s major cities and the capital of Altai Krai. The city lies on a flatland with two rivers: the greater river Ob that flows from Altai Mountains, and the smaller Barnaulka that pierces the city. A large part of Barnaul is home to Ribbon Forest – a unique relict pine forest endemic to the area. Barnaul enjoys 230 sunny days per year on average, almost as many as Crimea.

Barnaul is located 2932 kilometers away from Moscow, with the closest major city being Novosibirsk.

Time zone: UTC+7, +4 hour difference with Moscow.

Location: 53°22’27’’ (53°,22’52) north latitude 83°,46’37’’ (83°46’70) east longitude.

The year Barnaul was founded - 1730.

Population: 696986 people.

Average temperature in July is +28C degrees.

Average temperature in January is -20C degrees.


Reasons to visit Barnaul

To learn the city’s unique role in the history of the Russian Empire

  • Barnaul produced 90% of silver in the Russian Empire for nearly 150 years, starting in 1730. Production was managed by high-ranking and highly educated mining officers, government officials and military personnel, whose contribution to the city’s social life turned Barnaul into one of Siberia’s most prosperous centers of culture and education.

To take a look at the heritage of 18th- and 19th-century Russia

  • Barnaul started as a town of miners and merchants, later developing into an industrial city. Each of these eras has left its imprint on the city’s architecture.

To try eco-friendly products

  • Climate conditions in Barnaul are good for growing eco-friendly crops rich in various nutrients, all thanks to the region’s fertile lands and abundant sunlight.

To get healthy

  • Local relict pine forest is home to health resorts, sports and wellness facilities, ski lodges, recreation camps and hotels that welcome Barnaul’s residents and guests alike – all it takes is a 15-minute drive from the city.
  • Climate conditions in Barnaul are good for outdoor activities as well. The pine forest is home to the 25-km-long “Wellness Track,” which operates throughout the year. In winter, the track hosts ski races and recreation zones, while in summer it is used by cyclists and Nordic walkers.
  • If you are looking for extreme recreation, you are welcome to Avalman Ski Resort in the upland part of the city. In winter, there is an operating chairlift as well as skiing equipment rental service. In summer, the resort is a good place to relax, which hosts picnics and special events at a venue with a scenic view of the river Ob.



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